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Dawaat Biriyani: A culinary delight delivered to your doorstep, bursting with authentic flavors.

Dawaat Biriyani is a Kolkata-based online cloud kitchen specializing in the art of crafting exquisite biriyanis since 2014. With a passion for authentic flavors and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a go-to destination for biriyani enthusiasts in the city.

At Dawaat Biriyani, we understand that biriyani is more than just a dish – it’s a celebration of flavors, aromas, and traditions. We take immense pride in delivering a culinary experience that captures the essence of this beloved dish and leaves our customers craving for more.

We offer a diverse range of biriyanis to cater to every palate. Whether you’re a fan of succulent chicken biriyani, aromatic hyderabadi biriyani, fragrant dum biriyani, tender mutton biriyani, or the iconic Kolkata-style biriyani, we have something to satisfy your cravings. Each biriyani is carefully prepared using the finest ingredients, aromatic spices, and traditional cooking techniques, ensuring that every bite is packed with authentic flavors and tantalizing aromas.


What sets our biriyanis apart is the dedication we put into creating a truly memorable culinary experience. We meticulously source premium quality ingredients, from the tender meats to the fragrant basmati rice, and blend them with our secret spice mix to create a symphony of flavors that will transport you to the streets of Kolkata or the royal kitchens of Hyderabad. Our chefs bring years of expertise and passion to every biriyani they prepare, resulting in a dish that is both flavorful and irresistibly tasty.

We believe in sharing the joy of biriyani with everyone, which is why we offer special discounts to all new customers. It’s our way of welcoming you into the Dawaat Biriyani family and giving you a taste of our delectable offerings. We want every customer to experience the magic of our biriyanis and become a part of the growing community of satisfied patrons.

To ensure convenience and accessibility, Dawaat Biriyani operates exclusively through online orders. You can find us on popular food delivery platforms such as Zomato and Swiggy, making it easy for you to browse our menu, place your order, and have our delectable biriyanis delivered right to your doorstep. Our efficient delivery team is committed to providing prompt and reliable service, ensuring that you can enjoy our biriyanis in the comfort of your own home or office.

Whether you’re a seasoned biriyani lover or someone looking to indulge in this exquisite dish for the first time, Dawaat Biriyani is here to provide you with a biriyani experience like no other. With our commitment to authentic flavors, exceptional taste, and customer satisfaction, we invite you to join us on a flavorful journey through the world of biriyanis. Place your order today and savor the richness of our biriyanis, crafted with love and served with pride.

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Rajat Singh

Siddharth Gupta

Ravi Sharma,

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"I was blown away by the scrumptious biriyani at Dawaat! The combination of flavors and the reasonable price make it a winner."
- Rajat Das

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